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O ZÉ in english!


What do you mean?

The hero stories will have versions in English.

Good morning to all my friends and readers of this BLOG. Before speaking to newness Sobreo title above, I want to thank all of you who follow the JOE OWL from the beginning when this page was created. I believe JOE and his friends, so as the gnome Melque had a legal acceptance with you. These characters that you have come to know are also published in the magazine PRISMARTE (see www.prismarte.com.br). The reason of this article is to say that I was very pleased with the acceptance of the character and say I was surprised to find that it is also read in the outside world. Besides BRAZIL, blogging is also displayed in the US, RUSSIA, GERMANY, POLAND, FRANCE, TURKEY, SPAIN, Malaysia and UKRAINE. Imagine my happiness to know that Joe is read in all these countries! I would like to thank all of you for visiting these countries to my blog. Well ... in thanks to this I will publish this and all following stories in English as well. For you to know better and faster way to each of our characters.
But why in English? Well, not wanting to look down on others languages, which I respect, English is a more universal language and many people anywhere in the world have a certain knowledge of the language! Sure! There is also the GOOGLE TRANSLATOR which is a very useful tool and which I also do use.

And how will the publication of the stories?
I will start by this story you are reading. So I conclude the publication of it in Portuguese, I publish it in English! After publish her sequence in Portuguese and then the same in English. And to conclude, the third and final part of this story in portuguese and then publish in English. Hence, all the stories I publish in Portuguese will publish the English version, right?

Readers can make suggestions?

You readers from anywhere in the world familiar with the language can also give your suggestions, tell how some English mannerisms and expressions in English, can help me fix some mistakes as well as I'm learning too. Give your opinion, curtam, praise, criticize (provided it is constructive criticism, of course!). Who knows this can not be a way to learn a new language especially for people who travel a lot does not it?
How can you send your opinion, criticism, praise and etc.
I will provide here the addresses to which you send your messages:

FACEBOOK - marcos.lopes40@hotmail.com

GMAIL -  marcoslopescartun@gmail.com

Maybe I can not respond to everyone but I will read all the emails sent to me. I once again on behalf of P.A.D.A. PRODUCTIONS, Arnaldo Luiz, Milson Marins José Valcir, thank everyone and I'll see you around with the adventures of JOE OWL and his friends! See you!

Marcos Lopes.

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