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A little of my story in P.A.D.A

Hello, my dear friends and readers of this BLOG! During these long months since it was created, all the stories I publish somewhere them I always make mention of the PADA PRODUCTIONS and MAGAZINE PRISMARTE, right? Well! The PADA is the producer that publishes the famous PRISMARTE magazine (see www.prismarte.com.br). I try to talk more about it in a future article, but here I will discuss how I met the people who I am honored to be working with them to this day despite some small gaps of time in those years when I am with them.

                                             The look of the little owl in The NEW JOE.

                                                     Design used in the BROKEN REFLEX  1 and 2

I've had some of my works published in a newspaper of São Paulo (a few strips) in the 90s, but it was with the PADA where I had my work published and known to the public, that is, in PRISMARTE magazine. I met (as I recall) the class of PADA at the very end of the 80s or early '90s In 1991 I went to live in São Paulo and stayed there for five years while maintaining little contact with staff. I returned in 1995 and found them again. A few years later I started to draw some stories JOE OWL with scripts of some members of the PADA, such as FÁBIO CASSIANO (with history BEACH), then Arnaldo Luiz (Stories: THE LAST bandit, trilogy THE GREAT JOURNEY, CAUSE AND DEFECT, THE NEW ZÉ, BROKEN REFLEX part I and II among others), and also JOSÉ Valcir (story: DOG DAY). Some of these stories have not been published in PRISMARTE, but you will see them soon.


                           A small parody with some members of the PADA a version and a JOE WOL vision.

The first stories published in earnest in PRISMARTE with stories AN ECOLOGICAL  CRY, THE BEACH, THE SLACKERS, the saga THE GREAT JOURNEY into three parts, CAUSED AND DEFECT.
On the idea of ​​my friend Milson MARINS, I created the BLOG as an option to be able to release more my job with the character ZÉ OWL and I confess that it was a very interesting idea because, I believe the character is being well accepted among all who read his adventures here and also in PRISMARTE.
       There are many more things (good, of course!) I could talk about my life (even remotely) with the staff of the PADA, but in future articles I will talk to you, right? The next few articles I plan to post for you will be related to the universe he lives in our bandit character, ok? Wait, because as I write and post these articles I am engaging myself in preparing also new adventures of JOE OWL! Hugs !!!

The stories mentioned above have not been translated into English.

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